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The Exploration Center is comprised of the Prehistory Exploration Play Area, which is based on the theme of prehistoric cultures, and the exhibition space for Empathy: Stories of Moving, which, in a way children can understand, tells about those who have been forced to leave their homelands. Through games and stories, the center looks to arouse children’s curiosity about prehistory and evoke their empathy toward the painful histories of Indigenous people. With the completeness of its equipment and functions, it is basically a museum in its own right within the larger museum.

On the first floor are the information desk, a multi-purpose classroom, a creative workshop, a family area, and the exhibition area for Empathy: Stories of Moving.
同理心:移動的故事展區 同理心:移動的故事展區


Hours | 09:00-17:00, Tuesday-Sunday

On the second floor are the Prehistory Exploration Play Area (including the Megalith Zone, Animal Zone, Jade Zone, and Pottery Zone) and the Landscape View Balcony outside
史前探索遊戲區 史前探索遊戲區


Hours | 10:30-11:20、14:00-14:50, Saturday、Sunday、National Holidays

(When entry should take off shoes and put on socks.)