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As the safety of data transfer through the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed, TCG websites nonetheless strive to keep user information safe. There are situations where SSL technology is employed to safeguard data transmissions. As the safety of data transfer is also determined by the security of the Internet environment of the end user, we cannot guarantee that all data transmissions between TCG websites and the end user are ever completely secure. Users should know this and bear the risk of data transfer via the Internet.


Users who disclose their personal information, such as email address and name at public sections of the website (such as the forum) should realize that data disclosed in this manner can be collected and used by others. You are not required to reveal your personal information in these sections if you do not wish to expose yourself to such risks. If you disclose your personal information in public sections where information could be accessed by others, there is a chance that you will receive advertisements or spams from other organizations. Please realize that these consequences are not within the control of TCG websites, and we will not bear any responsibility for it.


Amending Privacy and Information Security Policy 
TCG websites will amend and update these policies from time to time to adhere to the latest privacy safeguardion measures. Announcement will be posted on the website to notify users of major changes to the guidelines on how we utilize personal information.


Inquiries Regarding Privacy and Security Policy
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how we collect, use, or update personal information, please contact us during regular work hours at (089)381166, You can also contact us through email.