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Notice for Visitors

Exhibition hall and visitor center hours

  • ●  Open: Tuesday – Sunday 09:00-17:00
  • ●  Closed: Mondays (except those which are national holidays, make-up holidays, or election days) and Lunar New Year’s Eve/Day. Announcements to be made in case of irregular closures.

Exhibition hall admission

Ticket type
General admission
For the general public
Group admission
For the general public
Discounted admission

A: Children of ages 6-11

B: For students who hold a valid student ID from a school registered with the Ministry of Education

C: Those of ages 65+ (on weekends/holidays) 


A: Those of ages 65+ (only on weekdays that are not holidays) 

B: Children under age 6

C: Those who present a Taiwan government-issued handbook for the physically and mentally impaired. (Each of these people may be accompanied by another person if necessary, and both will be admitted for free.)

D: Holders of a Service Honor Card

Note: Those who wish to obtain discounted or free admission based on the above requirements are kindly requested to present proof of age and identification, such as an ID card.

Please present your proof of identification at the ticket window.


  • ●  Teachers and students: Free every Wednesday for teachers and students with related ID (such as a student ID). Offer valid from July 1 to December 31, 2023.
  • ●  Residents of Taitung: NT$10 discount if your national ID number begins with a “V,” your household registration is in Taitung, or you work at a business/organization in Taitung (please provide related ID). Offer valid from July 1 to December 31, 2023.

Notice for exhibition hall

  1. Admission only with a ticket or valid ID (for those who qualify for free entry).
  2. Guided tours available at scheduled times (ask at the information desk).
  3. Please remain relatively quiet and do not use any kind of amplifying device so as not to disturb others.
  4. No smoking, drinks, food, or pets.
  5. No flash photography or tripods.
  6. Do not touch items on display.
  7. If any type of emergency occurs (fire, earthquake, power outage, etc.), please follow evacuation instructions given by staff.
  8. Those with tickets may enter the hall as many times as desired on the day of purchase.

Notice for the park

  1. The outdoor areas of the park are open every day all year.
  2. There are accessible ramps, parking spaces, and restrooms. Wheelchairs, raingear, basic first aid equipment, and lockers are available in the visitor center and exhibition hall. 
  3. No climbing on the trakuban (men’s house), prehistoric houses, or slate pillars. 
  4. Please be careful on the swings. Do not stand on them or swing excessively high.
  5. Stay out of the forested areas to avoid snakes and hornets.
  6. You may bring your dogs, but keep them on a leash for others’ safety and clean up their waste to keep the park clean.
  7. If you wish to film here for reasons other than those common to tourists, please apply with the National Museum of Prehistory.
  8. Do not hold large gatherings, set up vendor stalls, put up tents, stay overnight, play ball games, use drones, use fire, set off firecrackers/fireworks, or do anything else that disturbs others or is a safety hazard. 
  9. Do not write, paint, carve, or post anything on the equipment/facilities, trees, or anything else. Do not catch insects, birds, or other animals. Do not damage any vegetation, pick flowers, dig, or dump garbage or dirt here.
  10. Upon entering the park, please drive slowly and yield to pedestrians. No parking, temporary or otherwise, on any of the roads. Vehicles may not drive anywhere (including walkways and the lawn) except on the roads.
  11. The parking lot is open to all, but the safety of your valuables is your responsibility. The Peinan Site Park is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal articles.