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【徵件】《未來遺址:用藝術挖掘歷史》2018年第一屆臺灣史前文化博物館駐館藝術家徵件公告【NMP OPENCALL】-“Future Historical Site: Art Exploring History” Application Guideline for 1st Resident Artists at National Museum of Prehistory in 2018


2018/04/12-2018/06/11 《未來遺址:用藝術挖掘歷史》藝術家駐館徵件,即日起至6月11日(23:59)止。 2018/04/12-2018/06/11 “Future Historical Site: Art Exploring History” is calling for artists residency! The application deadline is 11th June (23:59 Taiwan time).


  • 駐村地點:卑南遺址公園(臺東市南王里文化公園路200號)
  • 徵件期程:2018.04.12-2018.06.11
  • 駐村時間:2018.08.01-2018.09.30
  • 報名方式:一律採電子郵件報名(nmp.opencall@gmail.com),詳見簡章說明。
  • 聯絡方式:Email nmp.opencall@gmail.com(請用電子信件與我們聯繫)。
  • 聯絡人  :黃琬玲


This residency programme is open to contemporary artists from around the world who are interested in Austronesian languages and prehistoric cultures. By digging deeper into one's own method of thought, artists can unearth a symbolic language unique to their own practice. This programme will bring artists into archaeological research facilities where it will be possible to make close observations of Dapenkeng cultural artifacts, and space will be opened up for more in-depth conversation and exchange with other researchers at the museum. At the same time, artists will also have the chance to embark on off-site expeditions of the ruin locations along the east coast of Taiwan.

  • Residency Location: Peinan Cultural Park(No. 200, Cultural Park Road, Taitung City, Taiwan)
  • Open call: 2018.04.12-2018.06.11
  • Residency period: 2018.08.01-2018.09.30
  • Application: Applications are received only by e-mail.(nmp.opencall@gmail.com)

          Please see the attachment of application guideline.

  • 相關檔案:
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