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What is the detailed information about the prices of tickets?
How should I visit?
What exhibitions and activities do you hold presently? Do you have a yearly schedule of activities?
When was the museum established? How much money did it take? What is the museum’s land coverage?
What are the architectural features of the museum? Who is the architect? What is the design philosophy??
Where is Peinan Cultural Park? What are its features?
Where is the slate coffin?
What unearthed relics are on exhibition in your museum? Apart from local relics of Taitung, are there any unearthed relics from other places?
What's the meaning of the "zoo-anthropomorphic-shaped penannular jade ring" emblem of the museum and the pattern of penannular jade ring in the atrium of the exhibition hall?
Is there any website for visitors? What materials do you offer on the website?
Do you have brochures in foreign languages?
Do you have tour guides in English and Japanese?
How to make reservation for a tour guide?
How to retrieve detailed information about the museum to serve as reference of treatises and reports?
Where are the toilets, dustbins, fountain show area, exhibition halls, and elevators?
Are there any rest areas?
Do you provide boiled water to prepare milk powder?
Can I take photos? Can I use the flash?
Do you have batteries and films for sale?
Do you have telephone IC cards for sale?
Is there any recommendation on local specialty, foods, drinks, recreational activities, famous snacks?
Is there any explanatory note about sundial on the Sun Square?
Can the museum call a taxi for me?
Do you have any souvenir badges?
Are there any ATMs? When is the post office in business?
Where is the restaurant?